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The Alfa Romeo Logo

In the Milano suburb Portello, the production of the Darracq automobile ended in 1909. A group of managers of the bankrupted factory decided to take over the assets and start the production of their own Italian car, named A.L.F.A. meaning 'Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili'. READ MORE


The Alfa Romeo Tipo 158 and Tipo 159: The first Formula One World Champions

The history of the Alfa 158 (the predecessor of the 159) starts on 7th December 1935. Alfa Romeo has great difficulty to compete with the growing strength of Mercedes and Auto Union on the race track. READ MORE


Alfa Romeo 8C 2900

Alfa Romeo withdrew from racing in 1933 after a very successful season with the dominating Alfa Tipo B. In 1933 only privately run teams raced Alfa’s, mainly the Modena based Scuderia Ferrari. Because Alfa Romeo had locked the Tipo B’s behind closed doors for no one to use, the Scuderia Ferrari was forced to use the outdated 8C 2300’s. READ MORE

Scuderia Brescia Corse and Alfa Romeo

At the beginning of the '73 season sporting director G. Praise Franco announced the acquisition of a major car: the Alfa Romeo 33 TT 3 in which the team would be involved in races in the World Championship for Brands. READ MORE


Alfa Romeo at Le Mans

Dates, cars, teams, drivers and results of Alfa Romeo at the 24 hours of Le Mans.READ MORE

Autodelta SpA

In 1961 Carlo Chiti, a former engineer with Alfa Romeo and Ferrari, founded Auto-Delta together with Alfa Romeo dealer Ludovico Chizzola. Based in Feletto Umberto, Udine (Italy), Auto-Delta became the official racing department of Alfa Romeo on 5th March 1963. READ MORE


Alfa Romeo in the Mille Miglia (1927 - 1957)

Dates, cars, drivers and results of Alfa Romeo in the Mille Miglia (1927 - 1957). READ MORE




Alfa Romeo at the 24 hours of Spa Francorchamps

Dates, cars, teams, drivers and results of Alfa Romeo at the 24 hours race at Spa Francorchamps. READ MORE

Alfa Romeo at the Targa Florio (1953 - 1977)

Dates, cars, teams, drivers and results of Alfa Romeo at the Targa Florio (1953 - 1977). READ MORE

Alfa Romeo in the 1971 Targa Florio

On 16th May 1971 the 55e edition of the Targa Florio was raced. The track was identical to the 1970 edition. Ferrari did not start in this years race, so Alfa Romeo had no competition from the Ferrari 312 P. Porsche was the only contestant for the three Autodelta entered Alfa 33/3 driven by Nino Vaccarella / Toine Hezemans, Andrea de Adamich / Gijs van Lennep and Leo Kinnunen / Rolf Stommelen. READ MORE


Alfa Romeo at Sebring 12 Hour Endurance

Dates, cars, teams, drivers and results of Alfa Romeo at the 12 hour endurance race of Sebring. READ MORE

Alfa-Models-Poster-ADAC-1000-km-RennenAlfa Romeo at the 1000 km race on the Nürburgring.

Dates, cars, teams, drivers and results of Alfa Romeo at the 1000 km race on the Nürburgring. READ MORE



Scuderia San Ambroeus and Alfa Romeo

Scuderia Sant Ambroeus was owned by Eugenio Dragoni who was a lifetime friend of Enzo Ferrari and had relations with the owners of FIAT, the Agnelli family. Dragoni made his fortune as the owner of a cosmetics factory in nothern Italy and had a great passion for motorsport. READ MORE


Alfa Romeo and Zagato History

Ugo Zagato was born on 25th of June 1890 in Gavello, between Padova and Ferrara. Childhood was poor and at the age of 15 he had to leave his hometown in order to find work in Cologne/Germany in a little company specialized in metalworking. READ MORE



Alfa Romeo in the DTM and ITC 1993 - 1996

Alfa Romeo entered the German Touring Car Championship (DTM) in 1993. Nicola Larini took the title to Italy for Alfa Romeo. Read all about the Alfa Romeo 155 V6 ti, the drivers, the tracks and the race results. Watch spectacular video's of the Alfa Corse team in action! READ MORE

The Alfa Romeo Bobcor Racing Team

Bob Cozza was an Alfa Romeo dealer who ran a race team based in Buffalo, New York. Bobcor was the name of the Team and was of course specialized in racing Alfa Romeos. The team started with racing Alfa Romeo GTAs in 1968 in the Trans Am 2.5 Challenge. Until 1971, the Bobcor team was very succesful, but in 1972, Datsun entered a factory team. READ MORE

Alfa Romeo Tipo 33

For 1967, Chiti produced the Tipo 33 with a 1995 cc 90-degree V-8 engine, designed by Alfa Romeo engineers Orazio Satta and Giuseppe Busso. READ MORE

Alfa Romeo Formula One 1978: The Brabham Alfa Romeo BT 45 and BT 46

John Watson and Nikki Lauda started the 1978 Formula One season in Argentina. Watson qualified 4th and Lauda 5th in the 1977 Brabham Alfa Romeo BT45-C. The new car, the BT 46 was not available at the start of the season. READ MORE





Alfa Romeo Formula One 1979 - 1983: The Alfa 177. 179, 182 and 183

In 1979 Alfa Romeo entered its own Formula One team. Brabham decided to replace the Alfa engines with Cosworths. READ MORE





Alfa Romeo Formula One 1984: The Alfa 184T

Alfa Romeo started the 1984 Formula One season with two new drivers, Riccardo Patrese (race number 22) and Eddie Cheever (race number 23). READ MORE

Alfa Romeo Formula One 1985: The Alfa 185T and 184TB

Alfa Romeo started the 1985 Formula One season with Giovanni Tonti as team manager. Carlo Chiti left the team half way through the 1984 season. Tonti’s biggest challenge was to make the car more fuel efficient. The 1985 car was designated the 185T and was again designed by Luigi Marmiroli. Cheever and Patrese were the drivers, just like in 1984. READ MORE





Alfa Romeo 155 TS in the 1994 British Touring Car Championship

In 1994 Alfa Romeo prepared two Alfa Romeo 155's for the Auto Trader British Touring Car Championship. While many changes were allowed to the cars' performance and handling, the bodyshell and chassis were standard. READ MORE

Alfa Romeo 156 European Touring Car Championship 2004

Results for Alfa Romeo's team Autodelta Squadra Corse in the 2004 European Touringcar Championship. READ MORE


Alfa Romeo 156 World Touring Car Championship 2006

Data and results of the Alfa Romeo 156 WTCC touringcar 2006. READ MORE


Alfa Romeo 156 World Touring Car Championship 2007

Data and results of the Alfa Romeo 156 WTCC touringcar 2007. READ MORE




The Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato

In the 1960’s Alfa Romeo had great successes with the Alfa 1300 GTA in both racing and in car sales. Alfa’s CEO Luraghi therefore thought it was time to further exploit this success with the production of a more exclusive car based on the successful technique of the 1300 series. READ MORE


The Alfa Romeo Alfetta 116

The Alfa Romeo Alfetta was introduced in 1972. The car had a lay-out inspired by the Tipo 158 / 159 'Alfetta' racing cars and the 8C 2900, with the gearbox mounted at the back of the car together with the clutch and differential. READ MORE



The Alfa Romeo Giulietta 116

In the early 1970, Alfa Romeo needed a successor for the popular Giulia. But the 2000 and Alfetta didn't appeal to many Giulia drivers. In 1974 work started for the Alfa Romeo Giuiletta. Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro and Alfa's own Centro Stile, the car was based on the Alfetta platform, sharing the exact same engines, gearbox and suspension. READ MORE.


The Alfa Romeo Alfasud

In the late 1960 work starts on a new Alfa Romeo project: a small reasonably priced family car, designated Progetto Tipo 901. With financial backing from the Italian government an ambitious plan was made which involved the creation of a totally new front wheel drive car. READ MORE


The Alfa Romeo GTV / Spider 916

After FIAT took over Alfa Romeo in 1985, the different identities of the three car brands of the FIAT-Group ar redefined; FIAT will build main-stream cars, Lancia is the luxurious brand and Alfa Romeo will be the brand to bring sporty cars. In 1987 Pininfarinia is hired to draw a concept for the new Alfa Spider, a typical two-seater sportscar that should also be successful on the American market. On the same platform, a 2+2 sports coupe should be designed. Project Tipo 916 was born. READ MORE

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