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Alfa-Models-Alfa-Romeo-Junior-Zagato-DesignIn the 1960’s Alfa Romeo had great successes with the Alfa 1300 GTA in both racing and in car sales. Alfa’s CEO Luraghi therefore thought it was time to further exploit this success with the production of a more exclusive car based on the successful technique of the 1300 series. Zagato was chosen to come up with a concept and Ercole Spada, who had already been involved in the design of the TZ and TZ2, drew the first sketches of the car in 1968.

The design of the front of the car was quite spectacular; a transparent Perspex cover with the Alfa heart cut out in the middle. The 1300 Spider was the basis for the new car. The Spider chassis was stronger than the chassis of the cars with a roof, so the new coupe being a car with a roof, would get a very stiff chassis to improve handling. Six months after the first drawings of the new car, prototype #3 was approved by the Alfa Romeo management, designating the model as 105.93.

The Spider chassis were built in the Alfa factory in Arese. They were then transported to the Zagato factory in Terrazano di Rho to remove the trunk from the chassis and weld in a new trunk floor. The modified chassis then moved to La Maggiore in Turin to further assemble the car body. The finished bodies were transported back to the Zagoto plant for painting and final assembly. Technically the cars were identical with the other 1300 models, like the Giulia saloon, the Spider and the GTJ.

In 1972 Alfa introduced the 1600 series Spider and Zagato took this opportunity to cut back in production costs by redesigning the tail of the car. By stretching its tail, the expensive refitting of the trunk floor was no longer necessary. This resulted in the Junior Zagato 1600, also known as the 115.24 series. Production ended in 1975.

Production numbers Junior Zagato 1300:

1971 357
1972 185

Production numbers Junior Zagato 1600:

1973-1975 402


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