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Alfa Romeo Formula One

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The Alfa Romeo Tipo 158 and Tipo 159: The first Formula One World Champions

The history of the Alfa 158 (the predecessor of the 159) starts on 7th December 1935. Alfa Romeo has great difficulty to compete with the growing strength of Mercedes and Auto Union on the race track. READ MORE




Alfa Romeo Formula One 1978: The Brabham Alfa Romeo BT 45 and BT 46

John Watson and Nikki Lauda started the 1978 Formula One season in Argentina. Watson qualified 4th and Lauda 5th in the 1977 Brabham Alfa Romeo BT45-C. The new car, the BT 46 was not available at the start of the season. READ MORE




Alfa Romeo Formula One 1979 - 1983: The Alfa 177, 179, 182 and 183

In 1979 Alfa Romeo entered its own Formula One team. Brabham decided to replace the Alfa engines with Cosworths. READ MORE




Alfa Romeo Formula One 1984: The Alfa 184T

Alfa Romeo started the 1984 Formula One season with two new drivers, Riccardo Patrese (race number 22) and Eddie Cheever (race number 23). READ MORE

Alfa Romeo Formula One 1985: The Alfa 185T and 184TB

Alfa Romeo started the 1985 Formula One season with Giovanni Tonti as team manager. Carlo Chiti left the team half way through the 1984 season. Tonti’s biggest challenge was to make the car more fuel efficient. The 1985 car was designated the 185T and was again designed by Luigi Marmiroli. Cheever and Patrese were the drivers, just like in 1984. READ MORE




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