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Alfa Romeo in the BTCC 1994

Alfa-Models-BTCC-1994In 1994 Alfa Romeo prepared two Alfa Romeo 155's for the Auto Trader British Touring Car Championship. While many changes were allowed to the cars' performance and handling, the bodyshell and chassis were standard. Also known as the Alfa 155 D2, the car had a 2 litre 16 valve 4 cylinder 'Lampredi' engine, the same as the engine in the Alfa Romeo 155 Q4 but without the turbo and with a dry sump and five-stage oil pump. The engine developed over 280 HP and accelerated from 0 to 100 km/h in around 3 seconds. The cars top speed was well over 250 km/h. Delivering this power to the road was a 6-speed Hewland sequential gearbox.

Alfa Corse had an amazing start of the season; Gabriele Tarquini won all races until the other teams started complaining about the rear spoiler and some other aerodynamic novelties on the Alfa. Just prior to the race at Oulton Park on 30th May, Alfa Corse was ordered to drive without the aerodynamics package. Alfa refused and withdrew from the race. The issue was later settled and the Alfa's raced again on Brands Hatch, taking a double victory. The other teams came with aerodynamic modifications during the season, making it harder for Alfa to win. However, Gabriele Tarquini won the 1994 championship and Alfa Corse won the constructors championship.

Alfa-Models-Champions-BTCC-1994BTCC race calendar 1994

04/04/1994 Thruxton Alfa-Models-Track-Thruxton-BTCC-1994
17/04/1994 Brands Hatch
02/05/1994 Snetterton Alfa-Models-Track-Snetterton-BTCC-1994
15/05/1994 Silverstone Alfa-Models-Track-Silverstone-BTCC-1994
30/05/1994 Oulton Park
12/06/1994 Donington Park
26/06/1994 Brands Hatch
10/07/1994 Silverstone Alfa-Models-Track-Silverstone-BTCC-1994
31/07/1994 Knockhill Alfa-Models-Track-Knockhill-BTCC-1994
14/08/1994 Oulton Park
29/08/1994 Brands Hatch
11/09/1994 Silverstone Alfa-Models-Track-Silverstone-BTCC-1994

Donington Park



Alfa Corse BTCC Drivers 1994

Gabriele Tarquini

Team Alfa Corse, car number 55

BTCC Champion 1994, 298 points

Alfa-Models-Driver-Gabriele-Tarquini Alfa-Models-Autograph-Gabriele-Tarquini

Giampiero Simoni

Team Alfa Corse, car number 56

5th in BTCC Championship, 156 points



Race Results BTCC 1994

1 04/04/1994
Thruxton Gabriele Tarquini Alfa Romeo 155 TS
17/04/1994 1 Brands Hatch
Gabriele Tarquini Alfa Romeo 155 TS
2 Gabriele Tarquini Alfa Romeo 155 TS
3 02/05/1994 1
Snetterton Gabriele Tarquini Alfa Romeo 155 TS
15/05/1994 1
Silverstone Gabriele Tarquini Alfa Romeo 155 TS
2 Paul Radisich Ford Mondeo
5 30/05/1994
Oulton Park Alain Menu
Renault Laguna
6 12/06/1994 1
Donington Park
John Cleland
Vauxhall Cavallier
John Cleland Vauxhall Cavallier
7 26/06/1994 1
Brands Hatch Gabriele Tarquini Alfa Romeo 155 TS
2 Gabriele Tarquini Alfa Romeo 155 TS
10/07/1994 1
Silverstone Joachim Winkelhock
BMW 318i
9 31/07/1994 1
Knockville Alain Menu
Renault Laguna
Steve Soper
BMW 318i
14/08/1994 1 Oulton Park
Joachim Winkelhock
BMW 318i
11 29/08/1994 1 Brands Hatch 
Joachim Winkelhock BMW 318i
2 Joachim Winkelhock BMW 318i
12 11/09/1994 1 Silverstone Tim Harvey Renault Laguna
2 Gabriele Tarquini Alfa Romeo 155 TS
13 18/09/1994 1 Donington Park
Paul Radisich Ford Mondeo
2 Giampiero Simoni
Alfa Romeo 155 TS
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