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Alfa Romeo Alfetta (116)

Alfa-Models-Alfa-Romeo-Alfetta-116The Alfa Romeo Alfetta was produced from 1972 through 1984 with over 400,000 examples being produced. It was available in either fastback/coupe or saloon configuration. The design coupe was penned by the famous coachbuilder Giorgetto Giugiaro. Its attractive design matted to powerful engines were the ingredients for its popularity and over ten years of production.

There were a variety of engines available during its lifespan. There were two four-cylinder DOHC engines with two double-barrel carburetors, and a turbo-Diesel engine supplied by VM Motori. The Diesel, introduced in 1979, was initially 2-liters but in 1982 was enlarged to 2.4-liters.

The drivetrain structure was unique for Alfa Romeo, a design that was first used on the Alfetta 158/159 Grand Prix cars. The transmission, clutch, and differential were placed at the rear axle to maximize weight distribution and amplify the vehicles handling capabilities. The rear suspension was a de Dion beam while the front was double wishbones and torsion bars.

In 1979 the Alfetta was given cosmetic updates such as a revised front-end, new lights. Another facelift in 1984 resulted in a name-change, the Alfa Romeo 90. This new name aligned the Alfetta with the Alfa Romeo naming scheme, which included the Alfa Romeo 33 and 75.

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