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Legendary Cars of Alfa Romeo

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Alfa Romeo 8C 2900

The 2900 A was born in 1935 as a sports car with an engine that directly originated from the P3 race car. In 1937 a road going car, the type B, was developed, based on the 2900 A. The two versions differed mainly by the compression ratio and by the lenght of their chassis. The wheelbase of type A was 2.75 m long while the chassis of the B varried between 2.80 and 3.00 m. READ MORE....

Alfa Romeo 1900

Alfa-Models-Alfa-Romeo-1900Much of Europe was devastated by bombing and attacks during World War II and factories that had been producing vehicles switched to producing materials and vehicles in support of the war efforts. The war ended in 1947 and by 1950 Alfa Romeo had a new vehicle  ready for serious production. It was designed by Dr. Orazio Satta Puliga and was the first Alfa Romeo to use unitary construction. Under the hood was a four-cylinder engine with dual-overhead-camshafts which was a tribute to the companies racing history. The suspension was also sporty with an Independent front suspension with wishbones and coil springs. In the rear was a live rear axle. READ MORE....

Berlinetta Aerodinamica Tecnica (B.A.T.)

Alfa Romeo 2000/2600

Alfa-Models-Alfa-Romeo-102-106-seriesThe Alfa-Romeo 2000 Series was available as a Roadster, a Sprint Coupe  2+2, and a Berlina Sedan. Power was from a four-cylinder engine that displaced 120.5 cubic-inches. Performance was modest with a top speed of about 100 mph. Hydraulic drums were used to stop the vehicle and power was sent to the rear wheels via a five-speed manual gearbox that was fully synchronized. READ MORE....

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa-Models-Alfa-Romeo-105-115-seriesThe first generation of the Giulia, also known as the 105 series, was introduced at the Monza Autodrome in the early 1960s. The vehicles shared the same bodies as the vehicles they were replacing, the Giulietta. Power came from 1570 cc 4-cylinder engines using hemispheric combustion chambers and producing over 90 horsepower. The five speed manual gearbox was operated by a column mounted shift. The suspension was modified in the rear to improve handling but remained the same in the front. READ MORE....

Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato

In the 1960’s Alfa Romeo had great successes with the Alfa 1300 GTA in both racing and in car sales. Alfa’s CEO Luraghi therefore thought it was time to further exploit this success with the production of a more exclusive car based on the successful technique of the 1300 series. Zagato was chosen to come up with a concept and Ercole Spada, who had already been involved in the design of the TZ and TZ2, drew the first sketches of the car in 1968. READ MORE

Alfa Romeo Giulia Tubolare Zagato (TZ)

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Tubolare Zagato, or TZ, was first shown on the 1962 Turin Motor Show. The roots of the TZ can be traced back to 1956, when Alfa Romeo introduced the Giulietta Sprint Veloce, or SV. READ MORE.

Alfa Romeo Montreal

The Bertone styled Alfa Romeo Montreal was unveiled as a 'styling exercise' at the 1967 Expo in Montreal. The response was phenomenal which drove Alfa Romeo to quickly create the production version which was introduced in 1970. The vehicle featured a V8, similar to the one used in the Type 33, and a top speed in the neighborhood of 130 mph. The chassis was from the 1750 touring car. A five-speed manual gear box and ventilated disc brakes were also used.
The way the vehicles name was derived should be fairly obvious; after the location where it was initially introduced. This was the fastest production vehicle Alfa had produced to date. READ MORE....

Alfa Romeo Alfasud

In the late 1960 work starts on a new Alfa Romeo project: a small reasonably priced family car, designated Progetto Tipo 901. With financial backing from the Italian government an ambitious plan was made which involved the creation of a totally new front wheel drive car, produced in a brand new factory at Pomigliano d'Arco near Naples, in the south of Italy. READ MORE....

Alfa Romeo Alfetta 116

Alfa-Models-Alfa-Romeo-116-seriesThe Alfa Romeo Alfetta was produced from 1972 through 1984 with over 400,000 examples being produced. It was available in either fastback/coupe or saloon configuration. The design was penned by the famous coachbuilder Giorgetto Giugiaro. Its attractive design matted to powerful engines and priced reasonably well, were the ingredients for its popularity and over ten years of production. In the end it was reliability issues that brought production to a close. READ MORE....

Alfa Romeo Giulietta 116


In the early 1970, Alfa Romeo needed a successor for the popular Giulia. But the 2000 and Alfetta didn't appeal to many Giulia drivers. In 1974 work started for the Alfa Romeo Giuiletta. Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro and Alfa's own Centro Stile, the car was based on the Alfetta platform, sharing the exact same engines, gearbox and suspension. READ MORE....

Alfa Romeo Tipo 33

Alfa-Models-Alfa-Romeo-Tipo-33For 1967, Chiti produced the Tipo 33 with a 1995 cc 90-degree V-8 engine, designed by Alfa Romeo engineers Orazio Satta and Giuseppe Busso. Only 4 were ever constructed.
The engine is of light alloy construction throughout, with twin overhead camshafts per bank of cylinders, Lucas fuel injection and a power output of 260 hp at 9000 rpm, a very competitive figure for the time. The engine is mounted at the rear between two projecting magnesium-alloy members linked by a fabricated sheet-steel metal section that carries the rear suspension. The transmission was by a 6-speed gearbox. Ventilated disc brakes were fitted front and rear, with those at the rear mounted inboard. READ MORE....

Alfa Romeo 184T and 185T Formula One

Alfa Romeo started the 1984 Formula One season with two new drivers, Riccardo Patrese (race number 22) and Eddie Cheever (race number 23). The sponsoring of the car also changed from Marlboro to Benetton. The original design of the car was made by Gerard Ducaruouge, but he left the Alfa team. READ MORE....

Alfa Romeo Formula One 1979 - 1983: The Alfa 177, 179, 182 and 183

In 1979 Alfa Romeo entered its own Formula One team. Brabham decided to replace the Alfa engines with Cosworths. READ MORE....

Alfa Romeo 155 V6 ti

Alfa Romeo entered the German Touring Car Championship (DTM) in 1993. Nicola Larini took the title to Italy for Alfa Romeo. Read all about the Alfa Romeo 155 V6 ti, the drivers, the tracks and the race results. Watch spectacular video's of the Alfa Corse team in action! READ MORE....

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